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Saturday, October 13, 2012

Reading and Writing.

Today I am thinking about books. At the moment I am reading the hunger games. I am finishing the second book and I am waiting to put my hands on the third. I don’t think there are many out there who haven’t read it but, if you don’t, I strongly recommend it.

The thing is that when I read a book like this, I am not focused only to the story. While I read I notice the way the author writes, the phrases he uses, the way the story is being revealed and I believe that everything matters! A tiny little thing can inspire me to write something on my own. I strongly believe that if we want to write, we need to read a lot and many kinds. (Which means I have to read romance sometime even if it’s not my favorite.) How we can write if we don’t read? I am asking you!

Reading is crucial and amazing. We need to bury our faces into books and we need to spend time on our writing too. These things need time. You can’t imagine how impatient I am about my novel. I have written it for a while now and it is on editing process still which means I can’t put it on the internet which is like a torture for me. But we need to know that when we write a novel, it is not going to be published soon! It isn’t something easy. You can’t just write one day and publish it the next. (Ok maybe there are some who do it but I think they are just the exceptions to the rule. I am not!)

So, if I can give a piece of advice, which I also give to myself is this: Be patient, be hard working, be passionate and who knows…one day maybe our stories will be read and loved by someone. Isn’t what we want? 

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