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Monday, October 22, 2012

Children's Book on the way...

New week, new step! I am a little excited today because I made a decision. I will publish (self-publish of course since I am doing everything alone) one of my short stories for Children! It is a very short story, meaning 14 pages, and it is childish. Of course it is that way because I wrote it when I was 11 years old! (About thirteen years ago.) The story is about a man who is selfish and uncaring and he ignores his family but when something tragic happens, everything changes. The story is simple and speaks about the value of family, love and helping people who need you the most.

Well, I searched my documents and I found it sneaking somewhere between a few unfinished ones and I said “We will need to spend some time together.” I have read it three times while I do the editing part. I don’t want to make extreme changes because it is a story from a child and that’s how I want to maintain it. I will have to find a cover and edit some more but I hope that soon enough I will publish it on Amazon. And that is another step of daring!! (if you have read my post “Daring” then you know what I mean). 

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