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Sunday, October 28, 2012

How good it feels to write!

I don’t have anything specific on my mind this time; I just want to share with you my feelings when I’m writing. Writing it is a very personal procedure, especially if you are starting a new story or if it is your first attempt. Whatever is the case, you are lost in your thoughts and time seems to fly along with a million scenarios on how this is going to work. At least that’s how I felt.

I remember when I decided to write something that I could publish. I had a story on my mind but only some pieces and I was hesitating. One night I said to myself that there is no point wasting time thinking about it and so I started writing. I still didn’t know the whole story but I knew how I wanted to start and just like that I wrote the preface. After that everything came naturally. I kept writing and the story unfolded before me. Sometimes even surprised me! I can’t explain the feeling when I completed it, but I am sure that any writer out there knows what I am talking about.

I have a lot to do yet, since I am editing, but I know it is a unique experience. Now I understand what they say that when something ends another begins since when I was finishing the first, a new idea was born and now I am in the half of the second book, which is completely different from the first.

What can I say…? I feel so enchanted by the writing world that I want to transmit my feelings across the world. Hope I did it!

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