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Saturday, October 20, 2012


Well, today I was thinking about hope! If you have read my older posts you should know that I am writing because it’s something I love and I think that it’s worth trying to share it with readers. The first novel I wrote it is an adventure/crime/mystery and it is a lot different than the second one that I am working on. But I will come to this another day.

So I was thinking…what my hopes should be? Of course every new writer hopes big and dreams big which is understandable I think, but I am not like that. I believe in my novels a lot and I hope that one day at least one person will read them but what more? I don’t even know if that will happen. I am a little pessimistic I know, but that’s who I am!

Careful though, there is a fine line that we mustn’t cross. We should hope and dream because that’s helping us continue and inspires us but we must do it in a healthy amount. If we give too much hope and we fail, we could lose the love to write again. On the other hand if we are not hopeful at all there is the chance that we don’t find any reason to write and once again this is something we don’t want. Acting wisely and with faith it is important and even if it won’t pays off we will know that we did the best we could and keep aiming for something better. There is always something better we can do. All we need to do is working hard, believing and loving it. Well, we need a little talent and luck too but we all have a bit of those. We just need to nurture it and grow it and make it ready for the others to enjoy.

So, we keep our heads down and our hands on the keyboard working for the best. I don’t know about you but that’s what I am going to do and I hope it’s worth a try. J

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