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Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Poll: Love triangles Yes or No?

This is my first post of the month and I will welcome February with a poll!!!!! Yay!!

The subject of this post is about relationships between the characters of a book. I want to know YOUR opinion about the relationships which take place in a story and frankly these are as important as the story, right?

Recently I read a very interesting post at Reading Wanderlust, where some people said that they are bored reading about love triangles and even if I believe that love triangles are not so boring, I have to admit that we have seen that repeatedly in many books. Some of them are Twilight Saga with Edward, Bella and Jacob, The Hunger Games with Peeta, Katniss, Gale and of course in The Vampire Diaries with Stefan, Elena and Daemon.

From what I read, many agree that they can’t understand why so many men are attracted to this one girl. If you think about it, is not far from real. Yes, in real life you can be attracted by two different people but it depends how you will handle it. Jacob was determined to have Bella but Gale was more descript with Katniss. My point is that every story is different and personally I am not bored by love triangles.

What is your opinion? You had enough with three people trying to figure out their emotions? You have read so many books with love triangles that you are sick of it? You enjoy reading about love triangles? You are OK with it?

Please vote in the sidebar and leave a comment if you like too. Do we want love triangles or we just had enough? 


  1. I'm a fan of there being divided interests, a choice between this and that. It doesn't always have to be a choice between who you love more, it could be what you love more, what you hate least, what will mean life and what will mean death. Conflict usually gets my blood boiling, throwing in distractions and temptations force me(the reader) to get involved, at least in the way of my heart racing. Favorite love triangle (for today)...Sam and Adam going after Mercy Thompson in Moon Called.

    1. Yes, I like that too. My blood is boiling too for intrigues and suspense.
      And as you said "it could be what you love more, what you hate least, what will mean life and what will mean death."
      Thanks for voting.
      I hope for more votes so we can have a general picture :)

  2. Love triangle in a story doesn't bother me at all. As long as the story and pacing is good, I don't care about the triangle. I only dislike it when I think it looks like a cliche.
    One of the things that actually hooked me to The Hunger Games is to see who Katniss chooses at the end. Yes, I'll read more books with love triangles :)

    1. I agree. Love triangles may exist in many books but I don't see why this is annoying. :) Thanks for voting and thanks for stopping by too.

  3. We should boycut them! I'm sick of them already, especially when they are used just to make the book interesting because otherwise it would be an empty book.

    1. Hehe, I guess you voted No!:)
      It is indeed annoying when the only that keeps the story is the love triangle.
      I will keep the poll for a month in order to gather as many votes as I can. I want to know everyone's opinion. I hope for more votes. :)
      Thanks for voting making this comment too.

  4. I voted that it doesn't bother me. Some triangles are well done, where both love interests seem realistic (like Hunger Games). Other times, (Twilight comes to mind), there really is no debating who the heroine will choose.

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