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Monday, February 11, 2013

Publishing World...

New week starts and I have to place in order all the things I want to get done. My focus is on the fifth draft for DAZED since I want to publish it soon. As I read it again, adding things or tossing others, I feel anxious. One moment I am happy and optimistic and the other I have my doubts.  I guess, now I understand completely what people say that writers are never ready to let their manuscript go. I had read an interview, where Jeffery Deaver said that he write one draft after the other until they practically take it off his hands in order to publish it.

As many times a writer reads his manuscript there is always something demands attention and I imagine that will go on and on until we accept that this is it! That happened to me again when I decided to do two more drafts as I said on my post “When to publish.”

I am reading many books. Some I like, some I love and some I dislike. I have to accept that this will happen with DAZED too. At this point though, and since I am an indie author, I think that the hardest part is to make people notice my book. It is really really really hard for this to happen. So, I am wondering…how people will find DAZED? Is it even possible? And from the people who will find it, how many will decide to read it? And from those, how many will enjoy it?

I read about other writers whose books were requested for a deal and it seems so…dreamy and so far at the same time. I feel like they are living in a whole different universe.
This is just me? I don’t know…I was always thinking that writing a book is the hard part but now, after I have written two books, I know that the hard part is to put your books in sight for people to see.

What you have to say fellow writers? Is there a chance for us out there?


  1. Yeah it happens.We just get insecure about what people might say but the thing is to just release.Let it go fly!

    1. Let it fly go...easy to say but hard to do, right? Nevertheless, I want to let it go as soon as the editing is done. :)
      Thanks for stopping by.