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Tuesday, January 1, 2013


First day of the New Year and I will welcome it with a post about us…writers and loners. It’s not a rule but I think it is something that happens a lot. And in my case, I fit the profile. So…writer and loner, loner and writer, are two separate things or there is a connection?

I was always a loner and by that I don’t mean that I don’t enjoy going out with friends or company of others, but there is this feel I have. I don’t know how to explain it, but when I am alone I feel at peace. It’s beautiful and amazing to do things with others and spend time with them and enjoy all kind of things, but there must be a part in the day, where you have time for yourself, to do your things. And I desperately need this time! People demand too much and not everyone can deal with it. I am not exaggerating, there a people who want to be with others all day long for various reasons and that can be a serious matter.

When I was a kid I enjoyed playing and being alone and I was OK. I didn’t even ask for food. I was happy! Later though, I wanted someone with me all the time and I always had, but I deep down I knew that I was a loner. Those few years I spent being all day with a friend, may where good, but it wasn’t me. I had a notebook and I wrote stuff that I didn’t share with anyone, even if I had the chance to do it. I hadn’t the need to share it with a friend or family. And when the need faded away…I knew that I had found myself.

Being able to accept who you are and not losing time and energy pretending something you are not, is crucial. I don’t do things only because the rest of the world does them and I know that they may think I am not living my life or that it isn’t good that don’t go dancing as often as they think is “normal”. Guess what…I do these things, and I enjoy them as much as everyone else. The difference is that I don’t need to go out or talk with a friend in order to be happy. I am happy with the life I am living and we can’t define another’s people happiness.

For me writing and lonely are two separate things. I start writing not because I was alone and I didn’t was alone because I was writing. Be careful though, I believe that in order to write, somewhere inside you there might be the bug of loneliness even in a small amount. I know that you may think I am wrong and feel free to tell me otherwise. This is just my opinion but to my mind, a writer is a bit of a loner but a loner isn’t for sure a writer.

I hope my point of view is clear and I want to hear from you too. Have a Happy New Year. 


  1. I agree... writers aren't all loners. And bookworms aren't all chit-chatty (like me).
    But even though I'm lonely, I don't write. Unless I'm mad and trying to pop my very own anger bubble so I don't lose my sanity in public.
    I guess poking the paper is better than poking the pillow to pieces, even though pencils are sharper than hands... o-o

    1. I liked the way you put it. "I guess poking the paper is better than poking the pillow to pieces, even though pencils are sharper than hands..." So next time, try to poke the paper and who might end up liking it. :)

    2. Hehe, I always do it. It does wonders to save my sanity. :3