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Thursday, January 3, 2013

When to Publish?

I believe this is a question many indie authors have, including me. It is a big question mark like the one in the picture, which dances in my mind for months. I am referring to indie authors because we do things alone and we don’t know exactly how these things works so our questions marks are plenty and we struggle. I have finished two novels but I am still working on them. My first is on its forth draft and I guess that I will have at least two more before I publish it. But is this enough?

The first draft of this book took me about a year and then about two weeks to make draft 2. I cut and change things and when I thought it was ready I gave it to a friend for editing and that was draft number 3. Now, I am working on the forth which is my friend’s recommendations and also some changes. To be honest, I wanted this to be my last draft since I want to upload it so badly, but I decided to do a draft 5 too in order to build a little better my descriptions and maybe change the first chapters too. So, there will be a draft six edited and ready. But…will this be my last one? Should I be ready to publish it?

I think that we will never be ready to publish but it is a step that we all must take. I did a trial upload with an old publishing date just to see how it will be and now I can’t take it back. Even if I have my book on “draft” its name remains on Amazon when I search it. I know I shouldn’t have done this but I wanted to see how it would be when the time would come. But it’s OK; when time is right I will upload it for real.

For me I hope that the time will be when draft six is ready but I don’t know how long that will take. I cross my fingers that maybe February will be my month. I will be glad to hear how are you dealing with time and drafts and finally publishing your work. So, if you have a story to tell please leave a comment. I think is good to share our experiences so we can help others and save them from the mistakes we may have done.



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