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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Reality is a relative concept

Recently I watched Inception again and I remembered the meaning of this movie, which is, “reality is a relative concept.” And so it got me thinking.

Reality is indeed a relative concept. We have built a life based on the circumstances and the things we consider given at that moment. We have created our unique reality and we try to live in it. But, what happens when that changes in a single moment? It’s not uncommon for this to happen, and for sure, we are never prepared. It can be a happy change, if for example we find a job, or a sad one if we lose a job. Whatever is the case, the result is the same. The reality we knew shatters and a new one born from its ruins. 

So, reality is flowing, changing, reshaping and life becomes a constant struggle. Sometimes we even reach the point where we refuse to accept our reality or we choose to ignore it.

Dreams affects us similarly too. When we dream we live another reality which doesn’t last long, but when we dream feels like it will last forever. We lose ourselves in the dream until we wake up and return to the previous reality. It happens with books too. When we read we get to live a little in a new world and it’s like we traveled to a new reality as long as the reading goes on.

So, reality differs depending on our actions, but that can be a good thing. Because, either through books, movies, dreams, or writing we built our realities, and we create…magic. :)


  1. Hey Athina! I found your blog through your featured post over on Kaykay Obi's blog, and I'm glad I did. I like what you have to say here. I think it's really true, we do create our own worlds, and so much of what goes into how we perceive the 'real' world in front of us is made up of all those different experiences. The books we've read, the songs we've heard, all of them color how we think and feel about what we're perceiving. It's what makes us different, and also sometimes what makes us so fascinating. Thank you for sharing this, Athina! :)

    1. Hey Megan! Thank you very much for taking time to make a comment and I am glad that you enjoy my blog. :)
      I like the way you said it. "The books we've read, the songs we've heard,all of them color how we think and feel about what we're perceiving."

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