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Thursday, December 20, 2012

World's end..hmmmm

Today’s post was predetermined and you know why. Everyone is speaking for the world’s end tomorrow and so I had the need to write my opinion too. Personally, I don’t think that the world will end but let’s assume that this is the end. And now…what?

I hear that many countries have shelters and people are gathering food and stuff for months preparing for whatever they think is going to happen tomorrow. Is this wise though? If I believed that the world was about to end I wouldn’t wasted time to build shelter or stock food in my storage because I would have known that I couldn’t survive. If the world around me was falling apart it is for sure that the odds would never be in my favor. So, if you ask me what I would do…here it is.

Except for spending time with friend and family and people I love, I would try to fulfill my deepest desires so when the end was coming I couldn’t say that I didn’t have the time to make my dreams come true. And what my deepest desire is? Publishing my books! So, I would have worked hardest than ever, in order to complete my novels and make them available for everyone to read. I would have written them, I would have edited them and I would have spent all day writing about them, wanting for someone to read them. And if I had managed even for one person to read my stories, I would have been happy because I would have known that my story reached a reader and that is my goal all along.

So, assuming again that the world is ending tomorrow, I am not OK with it. And not for the obvious that we all are going to die, because if we are all are going to die what is the point of running around trying to avoid the inevitable? I am not happy because I have a lot yet to write and share and I want people to read my novels either they end up like them or not. I just want to share my manuscripts and find those who will love them and live through them by reading them, like I do when I read a book. Because books aren’t just a way to spend time. Books are the way to get a little bit of magic from the author and travel along with him/her to unknown and beautiful places. 


  1. Hi A,
    Perfect way of viewing this end of the world!
    I like your blog and your different post...maybe because I try to publish my first novel and that's not so easy...
    See you soon and enjoy your New year Eve,

    1. Hi Lucie and thank you. I am glad that you like my posts. My intention is to be helpful and share with other people my thoughts and experiences for writing and all the stuff that comes with it. Yes, publishing a novel is not easy, I am trying too. :)
      Enjoy New Year eve too and let's cross our fingers and wish that 2013 will be our year!