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Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Why do you write?

I think this is a question that a writer may come to answer in his life. It can be form in many different ways like When did you start writing, or what writing means for you, or how you decide to write? However we can mask it, change and beautify it, the question is plain and straight…why do you write?!

This may address to a famous writer, a first time novelist but also to any person that writes a story. He may be a teenager, a student, a wife, a father or generally anyone who is trying to spread his words out there. So, why do you write?

Asking something like this, for me, is like you are asking: Why do you breathe? Seriously, you understand that right? For me writing is a vital need. I can’t find an exact reason why I started writing. It just grew along with me and I just decided to take it to another level. Stories always floated in my head and some I may wrote down, some I completed, some I left unfinished, some were real and other just imagination but that was my writing and it is just a piece of me. It’s not just a habit or a hobby I decided to do. It’s not something you can cut out. And even if you can cut it out, you'll never be the same again. It’s like when you are reading a book. You see that the character is changing, some priorities might grow thicker than others, he may change some of his beliefs or he might do things he hated once, but the core of his existence will remain the same.

Like that I feel about writing and if nevertheless I have to give an answer to that question here it is…Why do I write? I write because that is who I am. 

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