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Thursday, December 13, 2012


Recently I read a blog post from an agent who said that the reason for rejecting someone, in some cases, was his online presence and I agree with it. The online presence is real presence.

Writing a blog or tweeting or sharing info on Facebook, is exposure even if many people don’t see it this way. From the moment we decide to make a blog and start making comments and writing our opinion on things, we have an online presence. Even if our blog don’t have many visitors the things we write will be on the internet since the moment we press the “publish” button. So, we must be very careful about what we say and how we say it, because our blog or our presence may be noticed at one point and let’s be realistic…everything matters.

Imagine your online presence like your real life, and it is a real life, don’t see it differently because you sit comfortable at your home wearing your pajamas. You are communicating with other unknown people and courtesy is an important factor. Imagine talking to your neighbor or someone at the bus stop or a co-worker or a possible employer or a new friend. Would you just open your mouth and let them know every single thought you have? I don’t think so.

We all need to be cautious and express our thoughts nicely without offending anyone. After all who wants any kind of communication with a rude, cranky and unpleasant person? Yes, sometimes we might be bitter or we might say something harsh or impolite for once, but that’s because we are people and we entitle a moment of weakness but that’s it! If most of the time we are whining or cursing or we just express our negativity…well, things will not work so well on us and we surly don’t want for this to happen.

Thanks for reading and I am putting here the link from the post I read and triggered me to share my thoughts too.  Drama Llama Rejectorama. (You can see my short comment there too.)


  1. I have to agree with this. Ever since I started getting into writing, I have been careful about where I go and what I say. There is at least one club I was invited to join that I turned down because I felt that the subject matter was too offensive. It didn't offend *me* per se, but I'm trying to make it as a YA author. I don't want mothers taking my book out of their kids' hands because I'm a bad public influence.

    1. Yes, I understand that. We all have to be careful because whatever we write public stays public and we wouldn't want a bad outcome.

  2. Nice thoughts, Athina. Most times I post stuffs online, I do read and read again, before the final posting. It's becoming a habit but I know I just have to do it. Ever since I got serious about writing, creating a blog, I've even restricted myself from commenting on some topics especially on Facebook.

    1. Yes, I do that too. I try to be carefull but there are times that I want so badly to tell what I am thinking that consumes me. Either way we need to be careful.
      Personally I don't have a Facebook account yet. I always keep postponing it..I don't know why.