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Sunday, December 16, 2012


Writing a book is not easy and everyone who has tried it knows it very well. At this post though, I am not going to talk about those difficulties. I will talk about dedication, which I think is really important when you decide to write a book.

First of all, let me clarify that dedication is crucial for everyone who wants to fulfill his goals but I am going to talk about writers. So, fellow writers, if I had to pick one characteristic that a writer should have, this would be dedication. 

We start with a tiny idea, looking a blank page and we want to make it a story, a unique, untold, interesting, complicated story that will hold our reader in wonder, which will make them crave for more. And how we do that? I know that sometimes the idea of writing a book may sounds easy and many believe that anyone can do it but I don’t agree and this is because not everyone has the patience or the dedication needed in order to write an average book, meaning 80.000 – 100.000 words.

It is hard and when you start writing you'll see how slow the word counter runs and you'll appreciate every single word you write. But you have to be there! Your mind has to be focused and your will has to be strong. A book can’t be written if one day you want to go to the movies or the next your friends invited you for dinner, or the next after that you want to go shopping or your day job is hard and when you are home all you want to do is rest. And here comes dedication. Do you really want so badly to write this book? Are you fully committed to it? 
Then, not going to the movies won’t be a problem, dinner with friends can be rescheduled, tiredness will fade away when your hands touch the keyboard and your story starts to form. In order to write we have to lock ourselves at home and just write. I did it and it made me happy. I was creating my story page by page and it felt so easy, so natural but I did it because I wanted to. When I was writing I didn’t prefer to be anywhere else. I was dedicated to it and I don’t regret it.  Now that I am thinking about it, I see many ways that could have made me stop writing and distraction was easy. 
Don't let anything distract you from your goal. Stay dedicated to it and you will not regret it either. 

That's how I see it at least.

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