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Saturday, November 3, 2012

My first short story!

I finally did it! I uploaded one of my short stories and I would like to talk about it.

The title is “The angel of Christmas” and it is a very old story, meaning that I wrote it thirteen years ago. I was eleven years old and it was one my favorites, still is. I didn’t want to do many changes because I like it to be a story from a child to another.

It is a Christmas story but not in the “typical” way. It describes a family where the father is focused on his work and he isn’t willing to be with his wife and daughter even for Christmas. But life is unpredictable and everything can change in a single moment. The story shows the importance of family, the way people react when things are going wrong and the need to help others and not being selfish.

I hope for people to read it and let me know with a review or a feedback even if they didn’t like it. I have mixed feelings since it is the first time I have something in public and I know that someone might read my story but…I hope they do! :)

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