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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Letter to a child never born...

Few days ago I wrote a small review on Goodreads and I would like to talk a little about this book. The title is: “Letter to a child never born” and it is a unique book which sold four million copies worldwide. If you haven’t the chance to read it yet, I totally recommend it.

Well, as I said this book is different from every other I have read. It was written by Italian author and journalist Orianna Fallaci and it is like you are reading a personal diary. There are no chapters; no titles only entries marking events form her life.
The reader follows the story of a working woman who has to deal with an unexpected pregnancy and finds herself lost in her emotions and fears. A million things are troubling her and she writes them down addressing to her child which is just a fetus. She has many ups and downs. One moment she loves her baby, she wants to fight and see her child grow up and the other she feels it like a burden which exists only to make her suffer. What makes the book so unique though isn’t only the fact that this woman is talking to her unborn child and shares with him/her the thoughts that no one else would like to share. It is the way Orianna Fallaci writes. Many times I cried while I was reading it moved by her powerful words. Orianna Fallaci expresses every thought without fear, like when she writes the woman’s thoughts about the abortion that some of her friends proposed her to do and something very powerful comes out from the book.

I don’t know about you but this book stuck to my mind and I am not so sure if I will ever read again something so real. I am just amazed.

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