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Thursday, November 15, 2012

Are Hunger Games...just an imagination?

Currently I am reading the Hunger Games trilogy and now that I am closer to the end I decided to talk about those books that triggered something inside me. I guess more or less everyone knows about the Hunger Games and especially now that there is a movie too. So, give some time to read and if you want to comment on this post because I believe there are some things that must to be said.

Well, these books have something that is more than a nice read. Especially the first one where you learn about Katniss, the districts and the way people are leaving. It really shocked me. I guess it might be because the days we are living are difficult for people all around the world. The idea of Panem rising through the ashes of what used to be North America and the way Capitol was desperately trying to keep people in order, isn’t too science-fiction in my head. I am worried how the world will be in the future and I just hope that it will be a nice place for the next generations.

Suzanne Collins created a new reality which at the end wasn’t too strange. Poverty exists around the globe and year by year it keeps increasing and people are struggling for the necessary when there are those who have more than they need. OK, I know that this isn’t new and I don’t want to judge anyone, but I am just wondering how those people can keep living in their bubble when the world rises its hands waving for survival?! I don’t know about you, but I could easily see a Capitol pattern floating on air. Don’t judge me wrong, I am not saying that something from the book will really exist but I realize that in a gentle way we do live in some districts and we do ruled by some Capitol. I haven’t felt a book so alive before and Suzanne Collins succeeded to make it stick in my head. Some may think that I am exaggerating but spend a moment to really think about it. I don’t know…I just felt it that way and I’d like to share it with you.

Feel free to tell me your thoughts about this and correct me if you believe I am wrong. After all…this is just my opinion. 

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