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Monday, November 5, 2012

Don't lose your will.

Today I am too excited. I don’t have a particular reason to be, since I have many things troubling my mind but…being able to write and continuing my story makes me happy.

Being an indie author isn’t easy but I believe there is a particular beauty to it. Writing a novel on your own it might be difficult, and speaking of myself, there are many times that I lose my strength. Those are the times I doubt if my stories will ever reach a reader and that is one of the difficulties for being an indie author. We have to do everything alone, editing, promotion and of course there are things we shouldn’t do alone. But I will not talk about that.

I am writing this post because I want to encourage everyone I can, including myself, to keep doing what they love. I am too stubborn to stop because sometimes I am disappointed or because I read an amazing novel and I believe that the world doesn’t need my story. Who knows, there might be one person who will love my work. Isn’t that enough? I believe it is and I am not talking about friends and family who will be supportive and optimists. I talk about unknown men and women who will search the internet and even by chance they will decide to read whatever I have to tell them. And they may end up like it!

So when you feel sad, disappointed or pessimist, don’t give up! The difficulties exist so we can overcome them and keep going. So, sleeves up and keep writing.

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