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Saturday, December 13, 2014

Wake - Watersong series

A book about mermaids, sirens and beautiful and compelling characters is always an intrigued one. When I read the synopsis, I knew one or two things would be kind of standard. The song, the blood-sucking and the bossy attitude around people.

The truth is that I was very curious to see if the author would have some surprises for us. Something to make the book stick to our heads and maybe even gasp. And I did gasp, but for the wrong reasons.

But let me rewind a little.

I enjoyed reading the book because Amanda Hocking has created some very beautiful and powerful images. Seriously, after finishing the book I saw the images flashing before my eyes. It was vividly real. The characters were likable enough and I read it pretty fast.

I started to frown because the pace was slow. I mean okay, those freakishly beautiful girls were suspicious, boys have gone missing and Gemma was having a boyfriend. Great, but I needed more action. If you think about it, we mostly follow Gemma's and Harper's life that is mostly dull. It’s fascinating though that even if I needed more events, I wasn’t bored while reading the book. Which I can’t really explain. Hocking managed to keep me reading even if I wasn’t so thrilled. That’s very interesting.

Okay, so I get past this part because the scenes and the images are pretty damn good. And then, when I'm about to finish the book (I had already guessed the end by the way) it happens. The surprise I was waiting all along, the one thing to make this book special was there, I was reading that specific part and ... it totally blew me off.

Of course I'm not going to spoil it for you, but I need to say this. That development was so sudden and unpredictable that it could be great if somehow could fit to the story. I found the revelations kind of disturbing and not good. Like somehow I was reading something completely different and I was like: What the hell just happened? Oh, come on!

I’m dying to know your thoughts about this book so please make a comment. Was it just me or did you find that part (I’m sure you know what part I mean) strange?

Have a great weekend!

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