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Wednesday, December 31, 2014

New Year, new ferris wheel

This is it. Another year is ending and all I can think of is that I want more days here in France. Two days have left before I have to go back home and I want to make them count. But before I do, I have to rewind and recount the year that passed by.

2014 was an interesting year with many ups and downs but what this year taught me is that the change can come. It's like a ferris wheel that' spinning round and round and you may feel dizzy, you'll probably throw up a little and your head will certainly pound like the war hammer, but you must not give in. Just wait, let it pass, breathe in deeply and don't lose your faith. When the world stop spinning and the sound dies down, you'll know that the change is here.

It may be quiet for a while, too quiet to your liking, even a little irritating but hang on a little longer. It's all about patience, work and hope. Do you feel a funny tingle? Does your heart jumping without obvious reason?

Well, get ready because what comes next is the beginning of the change.
Be prepared though because you've just stepped on a new path and another ferris wheel is waiting down the corner.

So, today I'm saying goodbye to 2014 a little wiser (and older but who cares!) because during that year I learned to embrace the change, not fully but still, and managed to make my wheel to slow down a bit so now I can see the world spinning around and I freaking enjoy it.

Cheers to 2015. A new year, a new challenge and a new ferris wheel!
Let it come!


  1. I am terrible with change. I was just thinking this when I was deciding whether or not to come up with resolutions. Resolutions equal change, so I talked myself out of it. See how good I am at logic?

    I'm glad you're able to slow the ride down and that your freaking enjoying it! Happy New Year Athina! I hope 2015 is filled with love and art and tons of laughter!

    1. Change is not easy for sure. Happy New Year, Robyn. Health, love and laughter to you too. :)