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Thursday, December 25, 2014

Christmas Trip

It's Christmas!

Oh, how much I love this time of year. Every year at this very day I think of snow, firs, Christmas trees and presents. I love seeing people in red clothes and I do wear my red scarf, because it's Christmas!

And it smells like Christmas too. You know that chocolate aroma that makes you wanna eat and drink chocolate and other delicious and unhealthy stuff. I love the chilly air on my skin, and I smile, seeing peoples’ red noses from the cold.

This year though I'll be travelling in Christmas day. Actually I'm leaving in couple hours, heading to Grenoble in France! Yep, some of you know about my trip there last summer and this is where I'm going again, to meet my sis and get so cold, but hey, there will be hot wine. She promised!

It's the first time I'll be abroad for Christmas and New Year's Eve and I'm thrilled. Even if I won't reach at my sis's home until late at night, it doesn't matter. We'll have about half an hour before midnight so I’ll spend half an hour of Christmas at her home.

So, I've packed my woolen clothes, gloves and hats, charged my Kobo and I'm ready to go!

I wish you a beautiful day. May this day find you happy, smiling with lots of food in your belly, wine and lots of love! But hey, don’t forget to laugh out loud people … it's Christmas!


  1. Happy Holidays Athina! Have a safe and fun trip! Stay happy and loved. :)

    1. Happy Holidays to you too, Ki. May the New Year be a dreamy one!:D

  2. Oh, this is wonderful! I hope you had memorable travels that will work their way into you stories. And of course I hope your Christmas was a great one! Mine was full of family and presents. Thanks for sharing the picture!