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Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Unforgettable view

In the prospect of a trip, what I really love is the knowledge that new memories are going to be created. Of course I can't possibly know if those memories are going to be good or bad, colorful or dark, but I sure know they're going to be new ones. And new memories are always welcomed.

During my short trip in France new memories were created but since I came back, my mind has stuck to one in particular. And it's none else but the view of Paris, at night during the take off.

Watching Paris from the plane was like looking up into the night sky. Like somehow the earth and sky were reversed and I was looking at the constellations. And it was addictive. I pressed my face against the window pane, wanting to hold on to that view as much longer as I could and as the plane kept moving further above Paris ... oh, there was La Tour Eiffel! I melted! I totally, and literally melted!

After that view all I wanted was to write, to create something, to share those words that danced in my mind. I'm sure that if I had my PC with me, I could not stop writing. But all I had was my phone, so I wrote much less than I'd like.

I actually managed to snap a pic or two and even if it's not as good as it was live, I hope you'll get that dreamy, flying feeling.

Happy New Year, guys! Get inspired, get creative and get to work! 

Got a memory stuck in your head?

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  1. "Get inspired, get creative and get to work!" Good stuff, Athina! I love this view. Of course, I've never seen Paris from a plane (or with feet on the ground). Beautiful shot. My mind is firing off so many things, the map of the brain, some futuristic world with all that blue in the shot on the left...Thanks for sharing.

    Happy flying!!