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Monday, January 20, 2014

Monstrumologist: The Curse of the Wendigo

The Curse of the Wendigo is the second book in the Monstrumology series by Rick Yancey.

We are in Doctor Warthrop’s world again and the story is breathtaking. I was craving to read more about this mysterious stories and learn about new dangerous species. So I go back to 1897 and follow the Wendigo.

Come and join me.

Will Henry finds a woman at his doorstep and his surprise is obvious. What a woman could possibly want in Dr. Warthrop’s house? When Dr. Pellinore Warthrop lays eyes on the woman, he gets upset, and the feeling doesn’t go away when she asks for his help. She is looking for her husband who vanished while in search of a mythical creature known as the Wendigo, a vampirelike monster whose hunger for human flesh is insatiable.

Soon enough Warthrop and Will Henry travel to Canada to find Jack Fiddler, a native shaman who was the last one to see Chalner alive. And the troubles begins.

This book is very interesting since Pellinore is not so thrilled about his new adventure. Not because he doesn’t want to find that man. Well he had mixed feelings about that, but the main reason is that he doesn’t believe in the Wendigo.

The legends say you hear it calling your name and then in the black of night you see its yellow eyes, and then you are doomed. The Wendigo has you and there is no way to survive the hunger.

Throughout this book, Pellinore struggles to find Chalner and prove to everyone that the Wendigo is just a legend, but Chalner is nowhere to be found. The closer he seems to be to his traces, the more he seems to lose him. Will he find him? Does the Wendigo exist? Are they all doomed?

Will Henry is a key character not because he is the one who recounts the story, but also because he has to handle Warthrop one more time. He is his assistant, he is valuable and soon enough he is in trouble. Warthrop gets obsessed on finding Chalner and prove himself, so things are a bit complicated.

In this book we, and Will Henry, learn more about Dr. Warthrop and I must say I was surprised. The story flows beautifully and keeps us in wonder. It’s a read that make you think about legends, about peoples’ beliefs and how far someone can go only to prove himself.

As Rick Yancey says: Call it what you will. Call it lunacy. Call it madness. But within the madness there is method. You know this to be true.

Have you read this book? Am I tempting you?

Have a great week!

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  1. Glad to see the sequel didn't disappoint you! That cover is fantastic...