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Sunday, January 5, 2014

Who said they are bad?

Today is all about the ‘bad’ characters. What do we feel about them?

Every story has at least one, every book and every legend. Those characters who are dark, cranky, mean and full of hatred, those are the backbone of our stories. How Cinderella would be like without an evil stepmother? How Aladdin would be like without Jafar? These stories and many more would be dull without the bad characters to spicy them up. And who doesn’t love a little pepper?

Once in class a professor talked to us about fairytales. He said that fairytales are dark and depressing because in every story the main character is either an orphan or unhappy and he is right. He even said that Snow-white was stupid because she went to live in the forest with seven creepy guys. I smiled while listening to him because his words were partly true.  

In stories, like in real life, nothing comes easy, colorful and beautiful. From our childhood we read about people who are in a difficult place and they fight, struggle and finally succeed to find the right path in life. That is how we want our stories. That is what teaches us to be strong and not give up.

I love bad characters. I love reading and writing about them. Every bad character I’ve created has nothing to be jealous from the main one. Without him/her my story wouldn’t exist, so the lights are on him/her too.

Bad characters are appealing. Who doesn’t have a bad part inside him? It’s in our blood as human beings, we consist of love and hatred. But we can choose to be good as we can choose to be bad. It’s the path we follow, the road we travel. It’s just that people are different and everyone has a unique way of thinking.

We may be the bad character in someone’s story and we don’t even know it.

So embrace the bad characters, write about them and show us their human aspect. I’d love to read everything about them. Don't you? 


  1. Bad guys (or girls) rock. I love when I almost feel for them, but then I snap out of it and call for blood! You're right about the journey a soul takes in life. We might be born angels, but we don't stay that way. "So embrace the bad characters" is right on. There are some bad guys I love to hate and some bad guys I root to be better. Spike from Buffy is the perfect example. I loved his bad side and I wanted him to find just a glimmer of goodness. He didn't have to turn true blue good.

    I hope you have a great week, Athina. Great post!

  2. I completely agree! Bad characters are always so much fun. As a writer/artist, I love getting inside the heads of my own antagonistic characters, seeing what makes them tick, then having them...well, tick! Someone has to stir up trouble, after all... ;)

  3. Absolutely! The bad guys are the spice to the story and I love them. And I love what you said about being good or bad being the path we choose to follow. I think that's true. I think we are born inherently good but we all can choose where we go from there. Great TOL, Athina!

  4. Yes a little spice is good now and again. Check out my TOL for this week: