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Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Touching Darkness

Touching Darkness is the second book in the Midnighter trilogy. Jessica Day knows who she is now and what she can do. Life seems easier. Well, until she learns that someone is watching her. And not in Blue Time, but in real time.

There are people who know about Midnighters and they are willing to risk their lives to find them. But why? Something weird is going on in Bixby and it’s time for the Midnighters to figure it out. Will they find the truth about the Blue Time or they could lose one of them forever?

Book number one left us wanting more and so when I started reading this I was excited. I was curious to learn who are these people and what they want. The story didn’t disappointed me. I enjoyed their adventure and I was surprised with the new developments.

In this book we learn more about the Blue Time and the more I read the more I found myself fascinated by this concept. I really enjoyed that Westerfeld added real timers too because it made the story more real and it was good to see how they were going to act. Darklings are good, but things are more complicated when you have to deal with people. And more interested. :)

This book had many surprises and kept me wanting more. We saw them arguing, fighting each other and trying to stay together since the threats kept coming. The story moves nicely, the writing is good and I recommend it to you. Give it a try. It's a pleasant read. 

Have you read it? Do you plan to read it? Share your thoughts.


  1. Touching Darkness is easily my favorite book in this trilogy! :)

  2. Complicated when it comes to good and bad makes for a good read. Is this the series with the amazing ending? Or was that the Uglies? I haven't read anything by this author yet, but my library seems to love him because they have all of his books. I hope the writing/editing is going well. I'm in a holding pattern. Not fun at all.