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Monday, October 21, 2013

Blue Noon

Well, I think it’s time to discuss the last book in the Midnighters trilogy. 

We are in Bixby, Oklahoma where the world freezes at midnight, giving the opportunity for some people to live an extra hour. An hour where monsters come to life, craving for a human snack. 

But everything is under control, because the monsters won’t crawl out of the shadows until it strikes midnight. Until the secret hour comes ... in the middle of the day.

During this book, the Midnighters are trying to save the world. The Blue time is not predictable anymore and that is a huge problem. What does this mean? What is happening? Is the world ending? A million questions waiting to be answered and as if this wasn’t enough every one of them has his own demons to fight.

The writing is really good, the story flows nicely, keeping the reader alert and curious about the story’s conclusion. Will they live happily ever after? That’s the big question and I know that most of you are craving for a happy ending. I am trying to keep this discussion spoiler free, so I won’t tell you anything.

But I need to tell you that Scott Westerfeld writes the best series endings. After reading the Uglies series and the amazing, amazing end of Tally’s story, I was eager to read the ending in the Midnighters trilogy. And one more time he made me smile and shake my head. Not because the ending was the one I was expecting. I smiled because one more time he managed to surprise me. I love Westerfeld’s endings!

There is this thing in Westerfeld’s stories, at least that’s the way I felt. It’s like there is a happy picture underneath the story. I follow the characters, watch them cry, bleed, fight, getting in love, getting mad, even getting killed, but there is a happy aura, like a beautiful sound that plays in the background. And then I reach the end almost sure that things are going to work out the way I have imagined. But no. Westerfeld had different plans. And I like it!

Have you read this series? Share your thoughts with me. 


  1. I love the Midnighters series. The pacing felt off in Blue Noon to me, but overall I still enjoyed it! I love how Scott Westerfeld doesn't write cookie-cutter endings...

  2. I haven't read this author. I love how you describe the happy undercurrent. This doesn't sound like the right fit for me, but I got to enjoy the read through your reviews. Thanks, Athina!