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Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Why do you write?

What writing means to you? Why do you write?

I want to know your story, your thoughts about writing. Do you write? Do you want to write? Do you keep a diary, do you write down your inner thoughts and secrets? Do you write a book? Many books? Why?

I follow so many talented and passionate people around the world, I read posts, opinions and advices about books and stories and plots. We write all day, we write tweets, posts, we write on Facebook walls, and I want to know ... why do you write? What urges you to do it?

I'm not going to tell you how I started writing again, we've said that long ago. This time I'm gonna tell you why.

Because writing keeps me sane.

A pen and a blank sheet of paper was always my friend. When I write, it's like pulling my emotions to the surface, forcing myself to face them, explore them, analyze them. Writing a story, or writing a post, or simply a few words it's cathartic.

I empty my head by writing down words and stories. It's my way to relax, feel beautiful and mostly at peace. I smile when I write and it's not that I write funny things, but it's that a feeling of utter happiness that settles in me and I can't quite shake it away. Not that I want to.

When I read something that thrills me either it's an article or a book, the urge to write increases. My heat hammers, my fingers itch. I want to write. Let me do it all day long, alone in an empty space, it doesn't matter. Time works strange when I write, the world is quiet and I get to feel every letter I type, every word that dance in my mind before settles in its place on the Word Doc.

Be true to yourself, they say, and I am myself when I write. If it's a calling, I don't know, neither I know if it's ever going to be heard as a voice shouting out loud to an empty hall. But I'm shouting in my head and I' writing down the words so anyone who happens to stumble upon this post can read them.

I write because when I don't I feel like drowning in a world of voices.

Take a moment away from yourself, just shut everything down and look into you, into your soul. 

What urges you to write?


  1. Creating stuff. I don't like the thought of dying one day and leaving nothing behind. Literature is a great way to leave a legacy, even if it doesn't end up getting published. The thought of someone out there relating to my writing and actually liking it someday is just very uplifting.

    - Jen @ Th Bookavid

    1. That's a very good reason. Leaving something behind after we're gone is definitely high on the list. I agree, we never know what will ever happen with the books we write, but we put a little stone in the pyramid it's called life.
      Keep creating, Jen.
      Thanks for stopping by. :)

  2. I love this. I never thought I'd like writing, but I always loved recording memories so that they'd be with me forever, which is why I started a diary. As I grew up I began to feel more complex feelings, and when I couldn't deal with them they came pouring out into my diary, and somehow it evolved from a journal to a long list of ramblings.

    Lately though, I've began to wonder whether writing is therapeutic or harmful. It brings all the thoughts to the surface, making them tangible, forcing you to analyse them; and sometimes overthinking is what ruins everything.

    But I guess after reading this I like writing again, if only for sharing thoughts to other people through the expression of words on a page. I don't think I can ever stop because just like paper work, thoughts need to be organised too.

    The Life of Little Me

    1. I believe that writing either it comes our of you or not. You cannot force yourself to write. Like you, I started with diaries. Many of them and then I used to write short stories and then I was writing my deepest thoughts and concerns in a simple notebook, I kept well hidden in my room.

      To me, writing is a way of life and I'm glad you write, M!

  3. Writing keeps me in this active art zone where I take in the world around me one scene at a time. I used to do that in college with journal in hand writing key words that I'd turn into poems or short stories or even a paining. It's a hungry state always looking for something and gobbling up everything you can. That's at least one reason I write so I can keep feeling that feeling. That sounds a little nutty. But we're in a judge free zone. Cause writers are nutty lot. I hope you get a chance to vacation at the sea again, Athina!

    Happy flying!!

    1. You describe it so well, Robyn. "It's a hungry state always looking for something and gobbling up everything you can."

      I second that!
      Keep writing, keep swimming and I'll keep flying!