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Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Dive into the unknown

The first wave of heat is here. The sun is blinding, and it's hot on my skin, the air chokes me and I can't stand the tight jeans and sneakers. It's summer and I crave for the sea, even the sight of it.

So I need to make plans, I need to take some days off and march on the first beach I can reach. I don't know about you, but I prefer the quiet beaches, those peaceful places where you hear the sound of the water on the shore and even the cicadas or crickets resting on the nearby trees.

When I think of moments like this, calmness spreads inside me like a cool breeze on a hot, sunny day. And you do know what happens when a mind is at peace, right?

It creates.

Inspired minds, vivid imagination and multidimensional stories are the seas I wanna swim this summer. I wanna explore the seabed and be amazed of the corals and the form of life that lives underwater. I want to take a dive and shake the waters.

But in order to do that, I need to be calm. Being calm is extremely important.

I've been constantly accused that I don't pause, that I always need to do something even if it's chores or brainstorming and I plead guilty. But, you know what? I now realize that missing those idle moments made me miss my ability to store in my subconscious the info I need.

I gather and gather info like an ant gathering food for the winter only in my case, winter was never here. Not for a long time. So what an ant is going to do with so much food if the winter won't come and forces it to just stop and eat it? Will the ant die from exhaustion?

So it's time for my winter only it's my summer because I love summers.

Some months ago I decided that instead of editing one of my finished books, I would rewrite it. I don't regret that choice. I wrote it in 2012, it's been years and I'm not the same writer anymore. I've only written 7000 words of the new version of the book so far and I already see the vivid colors of the bottom of the sea, feel the saltiness upon my lips. There is even a mermaid, but she's still out of my reach. I gaze at her and she looks back at me, but it's not the time to meet her yet. Her time will come, I know. because she never swims away but lingers around, poking me with her tail.

So this is it. I took a dive into unknown waters and I tend to enjoy my time underwater until it will be absolutely important to take the next gulp of air.


  1. I reckon we're all forever-moving in a way. We can never keep still, always needing something to be busy with, some project or commitment. You're an amazing writer and your book sounds like it's going to be fantastic.

    The Life of Little Me

    1. Yep, stillness is like curse , but isn't it strange that when things are still we're able to understand them? It's confusing as human nature is, I guess.

      Thank you for the lovely comment, M. I love writing, it's a part of me and I try my best. Everyday.

      Thanks for stopping by and have a great summer!