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Sunday, March 29, 2015

Fever Series: Bloodferver by Karen Marie Moning

Mac is changing, I can see that. She realizes that her life won’t ever be the same again. Not long hours by the pool listening to music, no pink clothes and pretty pink nails. No pretty boys either. Dark are the only colors she must wear and she’s getting used to it.

In this book she’s growing some balls. She is not as na├»ve as she was but she’s not ready to support herself yet. Death claims her life a lot and it’s a good thing she has one or two allies to save her petunia –ass as she calls it –just in time.

I enjoyed this book as I enjoyed the first one but I’m not thrilled yet. It’s a good story, funny and easy to read and I do want to know what’s going to happen to Mac but that’s it. I still don’t understand why she avoids getting answers from Barrons. She stays with him because it’s convenient and she doesn’t care what he is and what he wants. Well, that’s not good enough for me. Surely she asks some questions but when he doesn’t answer, she’s fine with it. Well, I’m not and I look forward for some answers!  

What I enjoyed was Dani. She’s is fun and knows a whole lot more than Mac so I wish she could stick with her a little more to extract some information. Mac should do research about Fae. I don’t know if Barrons can be trusted.  

I can see that this book is setting the plot for great things, so I expect some pretty good developments in the next one. I hope I’m not wrong. Plus I want to know what happened to Alina since this one didn’t give any info. We need to know her story, and we better see those journals.

About the ending, well it was good, but a bit sudden. I felt like I needed one or two sentences to clarify some things, or to build a better tension. Either way, it is a cliffhanger that you’ll enjoy.

Here are some quotes from the book. Enjoy and please do share your thoughts about this book.

“There are some lines you just can’t let another person cross. They don’t always make sense, they might not always seem like the most important things, but only you can know what they are, and when they are, and when you butt up against one, you have to defend it.”

“Death is not seductive. It does not come silk-clad and sweet-smelling as I did for my chosen. It is lonely and cold and merciless. It takes everything from you, before it finally takes you.” 


  1. Sorry this book didn't end up wowing you. Hopefully the next one will finally blow you away!

  2. I hear a lot about book #3. Especially about its ending. We'll see! :)