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Tuesday, March 10, 2015

On writing: Guts and Stardust

So, I was reading about motivation, about the ways to keep you focused on your writing, about the self-discipline of writing and stick to it. There are tons of things we know we have to do, we've read them again and again, some we have tried some we are still trying to do. Establish a routine, say no to sudden invitations from friends when writing is on schedule, make a schedule, close your door and let the chaos outside, read, create your writing space.

I agree with each and every one of those "rules" or advices, you can call them as you like. All those things listed above and many other you'll encounter while searching the internet for motivational words, are possibly true and you know you have to find those that will work for you. And you should do that.

But if I tried to summarize it all in one sentence. Then I would say that in order to start and keep writing, you need guts!

And let me tell you why.

If you have guts to see it through, to finish that book, to write another, to get better and better, when you're angry that you don't have time to write, when you feel empty without it, then who's stopping you? You know you want it, you know what it takes to do it. So take that step, find the guts to leave what needs to be left behind and don't complain. Stop bullshitting yourself and find the guts!

Find the guts and then you'll be free to travel as far and as long as you wish in this journey we call writing. It’s solely up to your guts!


  1. You make it sound so simple! I find myself struggling with this. What if your inspiration doesn't help you? What if it has locked the door and no matter how hard you're pounding on it, it just won't answer?

    1. I didn't say it's easy. Finding the guts it's not easy at all, but I believe it's something one should do. It's like an inner force pushing you forward when all you wanna do it retreat. And finding the guts it's not one time thing. You need to find the guts in every new project, in every new thought and idea, while rewriting and editing too.
      Creating something from scratch it's a hard task, but it's possible and beautiful and fills your heart with so many new emotions. Good and bad.
      If you're pounding at a locked door and no one is answering, then you must stop pounding. Try the window, or try to pick the lock, or try to knock instead of pound. There are so many ways to get an answer. Just be willing to give up the one you have in your mind if it's not working. Be creative. Isn't that the whole point?

      I hope I helped in some way. :)
      Always glad to see you here, Penny.

    2. Beautiful reply! I'll keep it in mind. Thanks Athina!

  2. Great post! I agree, guts are important to have, especially since it's so easy to let fears dominate when it comes to anything creative...

    1. Yes, fears are like vultures, right? Lurking around just to get a piece of you.
      So, cheers to guts!