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Thursday, November 27, 2014

Think Out Loud: Live YOUR life

This is Think out Loud. It’s a weekly meme created to help bloggers break out from the blogging bubble. The rules are simple. We post whatever we want and let people know what’s in our mind. Visit the creator on Thinks Books and join too. It’s so cool to share your random thoughts.

Life has no rules. Or at least it shouldn’t have.

Think about this. How many times have you sat with a friend, discussing over coffee, or tea, or while eating dinner, about life. Your life and hers and his and maybe even about someone else’s life.

It’s not a secret that we are judgy. It’s in our nature and yet some judge much more than others. After all gossip is an integral part of our lives. But if you sit back for a minute and really think about life, tell me, who sets the rules? Who defines what is right and wrong?

Surely popularity is a valid criterion but then again, who said we need to follow the crowd? It’s not a rule and if you ask me, it’s not necessary. What is best to follow the crowd or you heart? I vote for the later.

The thing is that we only live once and I’m sure that if we had a second chance in life, we may do things differently or avoiding the things that hurt us the most. But the life we’ve lived so far is the path that led us here today. And if you find that you don’t like the way things are, it’s up to you to change the path.

So don’t let others say what’s wrong or right, don’t let people affect your choices. We all live our lives differently for we are different people.

Let the heart guide you and only if you decide you don’t like this path, only then you can change your course. Not because someone thinks you’re doing it wrong, not because someone told you to do it differently.

That’s what I stand for and I am not doing it right. I’m just doing it my way. Do you?

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