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Saturday, November 22, 2014

A Dance with Dragons

So, this is it. I’ve been pushing this book down the list for so long, but I couldn’t resist anymore. It’s not that I didn’t want to read it, but the next book is not published yet and I don’t really know when it will be published, so I did whatever I could not to read this book.

But I read it! And my head spins!

George R R Martin is an awesome writer. He builds this world, those magnificent characters and he manages to surprises us with the killings and the unpredictable developments. Well, even if by now we should accept that a Stark always dies in the end! But let’s face it. George R R Martin is a slow writer! I read somewhere that he writes about 300 words per day and given that his books are so long … well, you get the point. I just hope not to wait too long for the sixth book, because I really really really want to know what’s going on!

Since I waited this long to read A Dance with Dragons, I heard some whispers from friends and I knew that it would blow my mind. Especially since I knew that many chapters were about Tyrion and Daenerys! I love those two, but I have to admit that Daenerys disappointed me a little.

Daenerys is a unique character. Not because she’s is the last of her name, but she is kind and a ruthless which is a very interesting combination. In this last book, she is a bit disoriented. She wants to help everyone, do the right thing and protect the slaves she freed, but one must know that sacrifices must be made. And of course she makes her own sacrifices, but toward the wrong direction. As I kept reading, I waited for her downfall and what happened, was so freakishly good, but it would be the biggest spoiler in history so, I won’t tell you a thing! Daenerys will surprise you. That I can tell. She’s tougher than I thought.

Tyrion on the other hand is absolutely magnificent. He has wits and even if we know it since the beginning, he keeps acting in such cunning ways that I can’t have enough of him. I wouldn’t mind if the whole book was about Tyrion, really! In this sixth book nothing is easy for him. As if Cersei has cursed him, his life is a living hell. Tyrion fights to stay alive, he struggles to keep his head in place because so many men want to kill him. As a sneaky little bastard that he is, he manages to get off the hook once or twice, but there’s not rest for the wicked and Tyrion is definitely one of them!

And then there’s Jon. The poor little bastard boy seems to enjoy power a little more than I would expect. And don’t get me wrong, I like Jon, but he is drifting away. Too many talks, too many distractions and he is not making the most smart decisions. Plus I don’t really like that Melisandre is so close to him. I don’t trust that red woman. There are some awesome parts with Jon and especially a letter he receives toward the end. A letter so powerful, I read it three times before I could move on. Let’s say he draw too much attention on him and being in the spotlight is dangerous.

Those three are the main characters in this book and even there are some very interesting parts with Bran and Reek, who can forget that unbelievable ending? Of course I can’t share, since it’s a spoiler free post, but those of you who have read the book, you know what I’m talking about! And tell me, how can you stop thinking about that until the next book is out? This is torture! 
I should have waited a little longer!;)


  1. Hi A!

    I'm really glad you finally read it. I agree on almost everything, and the torture of waiting for Winds of Winter is really killing me, too.

    Anyway, I also reviewed it in my blog and I appreciate if you would come visit it too!

    Till next time,
    R. :)

    1. Hey, Riza! I hope you're great!:)

      Let's cross our fingers that it won't be too long now, right? That book must be published soon! I hope!

      Thanks for stopping by, I'll read your post right now!
      Have a great Sunday!