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Friday, September 5, 2014

New and excited

New month, new project!

Last week I crossed the finish line for my second YA book, Damaged. 

I was writing on and off, sneaking some time here, finding some time there, so it took me more time  to finish it than I’d wish. I absolutely love working on Meg’s story and even if there will be another book in this series, Damaged is still a priority. Meg’s story is on hold though, until I take a look in Damaged after a month or so. You know, so I can really look at it.

But, until then there is this new idea battling its way out of my mind and makes my heart hammer. I tap my feet on the wooden floor anxious to know more about this woman who whispers her story in my ear and then vanishes. My fingers itch and time seems endless until I turn on my computer and type a scene or two.

This new story I’m kind of working on (cause is still too early to tell if it can be a book) is dark. Damn, it’s pitch black, I’m telling you. I have no name, no age, not a face, but I do know she is a woman and she is depressed, angry and a badass.

I don’t have much info yet, but I’m really excited. The late night writing is back, which means I do get up from the bed and run to my computer. Flashes of ideas and vivid parts of scenes are coming during the day and I search for my phone to write them down. That's the good stuff, right? 

Honestly, I had missed this thrill and excitement of a new story.  

It’s too soon, but I think I’m in love with my new project.

I cross my fingers!

Happy Friday!


  1. That is all so wonderful, Athina! Congrats on finishing Damaged. The new pitch black story sounds addictive. Good stuff for sure! I love that you wake up and write and have your phone handy so you don't lose anything. Isn't it so amazing to work on a new idea? I love my ongoing series, but when a fresh idea hits you, it's a high like no other. Happy flying!!

    1. Thank you, Robyn! I'm really flying with this new idea. We'll see how it goes. You're absolutely right. It' a high like no other! Well said.

      Have a beautiful Sunday and a great week,
      Happy swimming!

  2. Oh, how exciting! It's always fun when a new idea ignites our obsessive side like this, haha. Good luck with it! :)

    1. How accurate you are! This story truly ignites my obsessive side. I mean it's a wildfire!

  3. Yay!! An idea!! Just don't lose interest and may you stay obsessive for as long as possible ;)