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Sunday, May 4, 2014

Unravel me by Tahereh Mafi

So, Unravel me, by Tahereh Mafi. I’ve read this book since like forever but I hadn’t the chance to discuss it with you. For those who are not familiar with this book, the story started in Shatter me, where we followed Juliette’s story, a girl who can’t touch another human being. A couple of interesting things happened in the first book, so I was expecting an exploding sequel, the world to turn upside down, but it didn’t, and I was a little disappointed.

In Unravel me, Juliette is trying to adapt in a new reality and it’s logical. I wouldn’t have liked it if this part was omitted, but I think it lasted too long. During the biggest part of this book, we see her fighting with herself, with her emotions and after a while I was a little bored. I wanted action.

Throughout Unravel me, she is confused and mostly reminds me a stubborn kid. I really wanted to yell at her, to make her stop acting like a brat. And she did at some parts and those moments the story picked up and there was action and we moved forward. I loved those parts.

But then the story ends and I’m like: “Not again!” The end reminded me the Shatter me, which was promising but didn’t deliver and now I am confused. Will the third book be flat like this?

As you probably realize, I am confused with this series. There are parts I loved and parts where I felt bored and it’s so contradictory that pisses me off. The good thing is that the repetitions weren’t so many so I enjoyed the writing and some excerpts really touched my soul.

I’m going to end this post with a really good excerpt from the book. I hope you’ll enjoy it.

"We don’t have to do anything at all to die. We can hide in a cupboard under the stairs our whole life and it’ll still fund us. Death will show up wearing an invisible cloak and it will wave a magic wand and whisk us away when we least expect it. It will erase every trace of our existence on this earth and it will do all this work for free. It will ask nothing in return. It will take a bow at our funeral and accept the accolades for a job well done and then it will disappear.

Living is a little more complex. There’s one thing we always have to do.



  1. I haven't checked out this series, but I'm sorry to hear the sequel ended up disappointing you a little! At least there were still some parts you could enjoy...

    1. Yes, there were. I have mixed feelings about this series! Maybe the third book will help me decide!:)

      Have a beautiful Sunday, Heather!

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  3. The excerpt is great, right? I love it.
    I hope so too, Robyn. :)

    Have a happy week!

  4. Uh-oh. I really dislike it when I think a character needs shaking. I've got to say, I hope I don't see that when I read it. Thank you for such a great review!! Jaclyn @ JC's Book Haven.

    1. I hope for you to enjoy this as much as you enjoyed Shatter me. I really look forward to read your thoughts on this one. :)
      Thanks for stopping by, Jaclyn!