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Thursday, May 1, 2014

Think Out Loud: Hard Beginnings

This is Think out Loud. It’s a weekly meme created to help bloggers break out from the blogging bubble. The rules are simple. We post whatever we want and let people know what’s in our mind. Visit the creator on Thinks Books and join too. It’s so cool to share your random thoughts.

Beginnings are always hard. That’s what people say, right?

Since 2014 started there are many changes in my life. Some changes happened to people around me and some happened to me. But what I clearly distinguish is that every start seems like a slap in the face.

It’s like you’re dreaming. You’re in a specific place, watching a movie that you have already seen and everything is mapped. It doesn’t matter if you’re happy, satisfied or disappointed and sad. You have a safe place around you, or better, a familiar place. And that is important.

As much as we may don’t want to admit it, we are creatures of habit, we are trapped in our small word and we try to make things look better, to decorate them, to shape them into look great. But then there is the slap. Something changes and we have to adapt to the new reality. And that is when the problems begin.

Well, it’s not exactly problem, but it surely sounds like one at that moment. The world seems upside down and we are not happy. There is the promise of happiness but it’s not enough at the beginning. It’s a tangled knot and we have to find the thread that will untangle it. And that is stressful. We start wondering about things, if we really wanted this to happen, if we caused it, or where we were wrong, why didn’t see that coming.

But it all goes away with time.

Time to adapt, to accept, to see the thread of the knot and hold on to it. We may still not like it, but we would have embrace it. And that is all we wanted form the start, to make it a part of our small word. 

Then we can think clearly and there will always be a bright side. We just need to go through that painful start and when we cross the rainbow ... there will be a reward. 


  1. The rainbow reward sure sounds wonderful. When my world flips upside down I do a lot of surviving and it's not pretty. Then I sort of get stuck surviving because I'm good with habits and bad with change. I hope the rough stuff smooths out and you find your way to the colors. I'm finally seeing my pattern for the first time and I'm looking for the rainbow, sometimes I'm there. I'm so happy you're a writer because I get to read what you create.

    1. It's wonderful that you're seeing your pattern, Robyn. I'm really happy for you. I'm sure that the rainbow is somewhere around and its colors won't take long to sparkle before your eyes.

      I always look forward for your posts and your words to bewitch me. :)
      Have a great weekend.

  2. It's always tough when things don't go the way it's planned and it's like going through hell but we always manage to get back the the surface. I hope things get paved for you on your journey to the golden pot of rainbows.

  3. I'm definitely a creature a habit, so I agree, adapting to anything new tends to be hard but inevitable...

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