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Friday, September 27, 2013

The Secret Hour

After I read the Uglies series by Westerfeld  I was eager to read something else written by him. Then a friend told me about this series where some people have an extra hour every day and the world freezes around them giving it’s place to another world with monsters and secrets ...

Well, I don’t need to say that I was hooked. Join me in a spoiler free conversation about this book. 

The Secret Hour is the first book in the Midnighters series.  We are in a small town, Bixby, where life isn’t as simple as it looks. Jessica Day moves there and her life changes dramatically when she finds out that she is a Midnighter. Then the problems begin. 

The Midnighters are in a weird place since the darklings (monsters) start going after them. Why they act like this? What changed and made them attack? Scott Westerfeld delivers a very interesting and pleasant read. A bunch of teens walking around a frozen world is something that you don't read a lot. And It was fun. I read this book quite fast and all the time I was curious to see what’s going on.

I found the ending a little sudden, but then I started the second book in the series and I was okay with it. Reading one after the other I felt like this is one long book and the story continues smoothly and manages to keep me interested. 

If you want a pleasant, well-written and interesting book, I recommend you The Midnighter series. You will find yourself amazed in the thought of a whole new world arises when the rest of us are frozen in time. The moment Jessica Day experiences her first secret hour is still vivid in my head. I know you’ll like it.

Well, even though I wasn't thrilled with this book I really liked it. It gave me ideas and the Blue Time, as they call it, amazed me. 

So, how about you? Have you read this series? Any thoughts?


  1. Midnighters! *squee* This was the first series I ever read by Scott Westerfeld. The pacing was too wonky in the third book, but I loved the first two, especially book #2. Been too long since I've last read this!

    1. I'm reading the third now but I'm still in the beginning. Sounds good so far. I'll let you know if I like the pace or not. :)

      I enjoyed the two books so far.
      Thanks for stopping by. Have a great weekend.

  2. I haven't read the series, but it seems very interesting!
    Lovely blog, I started following you on Bloglovin :)

    1. Yes, it's an interesting series. You should take a look when you have the time.

      Thanks for following and for stopping by.
      Have a great weekend.:)