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Sunday, March 10, 2013

Feature HOOK

Well, some say the week starts on Sunday, so I am starting the week with a feature. Today’s feature is a special one because I have actually read this book! I liked it a lot and the most important is that after I read it, it was in my mind for a while. It made me think about life and relationships and that’s what makes a book special. Even though it wasn’t the kind I would easily choose, I recommend you to read it because it is a different book and really worth reading. So, I am in the happy place to present you…HOOK! Here is what you need to know.

Book description:
Shortly before he dies, an elderly enlightened Teacher in India finds a way to leave his body and remain suspended in a dimension somewhere between life and death. Only Rahul, his loyal student, knows about the Teacher's plans, as the dying man gives him instructions for the future before leaving his body. Meanwhile, Konstantinos, a successful 35-year-old bachelor and owner of a software company, finds himself in the middle of the Teacher's grand plan without realizing it. His life is radically changed, along with that of the woman he loves and everyone else around them, as they all become involved in something so huge, it could positively alter the course of humanity.

You can find Hook on Amazon both in Kindle and Paperback format and on Goodreads.

Here are some very interesting reviews/comments from Amazon customers.

“Hook is a complete joy to read...There is a pleasant mix of reality, fantasy, mystery, love and humor that makes you read it in just one night (as I did. I couldn't put it down!). I cannot wait to read his next one!!”

“I had things to do today, but couldn't put this down!”

“What an enjoyable read. It has been a long time since I read a book HOOK which left me with such a positive feeling at the end. It has everything, love, humor, global warming and the CIA. A plot that continually thickens and once it gets going you cannot put it down.”

“LOVED this book!!! Superbly written and very enjoyable, I look forward to another book by this author! A MUST read!!!!!! This story reminded me of Dan Brown's DaVinci Code.”

“Who does making the world a better place, much less saving all of humanity, not concern? The plot of "Hook" attempts just that with a mix of spirituality, intellect and humor in its arsenal. The fact that it is Nicolas Tsamis' first attempt at writing a novel, and not even his day job at that, is a noble enough effort by any stretch of the imagination...and stretch the imagination it does with the self-titled talking parrot as one of its main protagonists and conspirators. Overall it is a nimble, relevant and engaging read from start to finish which you wish it never would. Fortunately, I am told, there is a sequel...”

Now, let’s learn a few things about the author, Nicolas Tsamis.

Nicolas Tsamis was born and raised in Athens, Greece. He works as a freelance program analyst while also writing. "Hook" is his first published novel, awarded as "Novel of the year 2011" in Greece.

I couldn’t find more info about Nicolas Tsamis, but I found out that HOOK has a sequel, which is going to be translated in English soon.

You can find Nicolas on Goodreads and Amazon

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