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Tuesday, March 28, 2017

To you...

I miss you so much.

Today is the anniversary of the day you died. It’s been eight years since I saw your beautiful, deep blue eyes looking back at me, or feel your touch on my head, caressing my hair. You, the one after whom I was named the one I loved and will always love because I carry you with me, in a special part on my heart.

When I close my eyes, I still can see your face.

Years pass by and we keep living, we lose time and often we forget that relationships, family and friends are what matters the most. We ignore the people who are close to us; just because they are close and we foolishly believe that they’ll always be there, standing beside us, holding our hands.

As you were but one day you were not. And we knew that the day would come but it didn’t make a difference, it could not make any difference.

I know it’s pointless to wonder why, or to imagine what would have been if you were still here, but there are moments more powerful than me and I so do. I close my eyes and picture you, trying to place you in my life as it is now.

If only you were here and I could wrap my hands around you. But you are not, so I blink back the tears and smile. You may not be physically here; you are gone, but never forgotten. 

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