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Thursday, October 20, 2016

Feed the Reader

Reading is a huge part of my life. I’m one of those people who can proudly call herself a reader. Yes, I am a reader and I enjoy every single part of the reading process.

It starts with going to a bookstore, walking slowly around the aisles, reading back covers, observing the covers and even sniffing the books when no one is watching. I pick them up and then carefully put them back down as if I disturbed the story when I touched it.

And then, when I find the one I was looking for, I can’t put it down. There’s excitement and curiosity for the story that intrigued me this much so I have to buy this book.

I’m a huge story lover.

Stories are everywhere, floating around us, tickling our brains and the more stories I learn the more I want to keep reading.

But there are many genres of books and lately I have the urge to read something different.

Have you heard Jorge Bucay? He’s a psychotherapist from Argentina and his has written many books. Those that I’m interested about are a series of books talking about our life and the way we move through it.

I find his words endearing and very practical. Life moves so fast and sometimes I feel numb. We need to grasp life and live it, not to watch it pass by us and by reading these books, I feel like stepping onto solid ground again.  

Give it a try if you feel like it. I think we all need a word of wisdom now and then and surely, Bucay, has some valuable advice to give. 

Feed the reader inside you.


  1. Don't think I've ever heard of Jorge Bucay before. His books sound fascinating, though!

  2. When you're supported by millions all over the world, you can either go nuts, or try to feed off the goodwill.
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