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Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Voice of the Soul

I have this thing. 

I love loud music. And when I say loud, I mean maximum volume while the same song is playing on repeat and I write. This is my thing and I have missed it so much.

I cannot pinpoint the exact moment that this is happening, but I always end up with a song dedicated to each book I write. And it’s not that the song has to do anything with the book, it’s just when I hear it I feel like it’s the key opening a door in my head, letting the story out.

Have you ever felt like this?

And while the song plays over and over again I’m sinking in the rhythm, I get lost and I don’t even acknowledge writing. It’s mostly like a voice recounting my character's journey while I’m floating somewhere, peaceful and utterly happy.

During those precious moments, I manage to empty my mind and fill it with the story that’s waiting to be told. No worries, no thoughts, no rush, no pain and troubles or seconds thoughts. It’s just me and my story-and honestly-it’s just the story.

I get lost and then I’m found again somewhere among the notes and the rhythm that overwhelms me and send me flying high, above the sky.

I miss those moments.


  1. I love listening to a single song on repeat, too. Sometimes I'll listen to certain songs during a project so much that it's impossible for me to associate them with anything but! Not surprised at all that something similar happens with your own books... :)

    1. Music can really inspire us, Heather. :)
      Cheers to music! To really loud music!

  2. My necklace that I'm wearing right now says 'When words fail, music speaks'. I also have a quote on my wall at home that says 'Music is life. That's why our hearts have beats.' I love listening to music and I will listen to the same song on repeat all day at work just zoning out on what needs to be done. I also like it loud ;)