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Friday, July 22, 2016

The Power of Self-Dependence

I’ve read a book and since then, I cannot read another. I try, I really do, but that book is still in my mind. Maybe because it was not a fictional story, maybe because it was not a story at all but a book, written by a psychotherapist-or as like he calls himself-a helper. I read The Road of Self-Dependence by Jorge Bucay.

How often do you really stop and watch your life? No, don’t laugh, don’t think that there’s nothing to watch. We live a life but how often do we really pay attention?

So if you’ve never thought about that, stop for a minute and think. How do you react? What do you do? What are those small things that are just in autopilot? Pay attention to yourself, how do you behave around others? Get to know yourself.

We are born, and we grow up always having something we must to. We learn to walk to eat, to drink, to study and play, we are taught of right and wrong and then we suddenly get tossed off the family boat and into the water. We assume that we know how to swim, but it turns out that we only know how to float.

While we grow up we get distracted and caught up with life’s responsibilities that we end up losing ourselves; 
If we truly ever found ourselves in the first place.

Bucay in this book, talks about important principles that we do need to be reminded about. Because we only live once and there’s only the final rehearsal in our life’s play. 

“I have to give myself this place no one can give me, nor take away from me. I’m going to have to build it or discover it inside me, paying my dues and suffering the wounds with courage so that, soon after, I can summon enough energy to shout my decision to inhabit. Not in order to die defending it, but rather to live in and share it.”


  1. The part about thinking we can swim, but actually just know how to float, really spoke to me. So much wisdom in this post!

  2. Great thanks. you are much appreciated 🙏💖