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Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Precious little moments

I woke up today thinking of my MC. I try to see where she is now, what she's doing but the more I try to picture her, the more she slips away. I usually let her be, waiting for her to show me the way but this time, all she shows me is the last part of the chapter I wrote.

I fear that I may have damaged her more than the book requires. Is this even possible?

All I want to do is close my eyes and think about her story. I may rewriting the book but the more I change the occurrence of the events the more I discover. Which is fascinating and thrilling and utterly magical. I feel like I'm part of that world now like a little explorer walking around, stalking those characters that I created, waiting for them to reveal their true self, to tell me their true story.

Have you ever felt like this when going back to edit or rewrite a book?

I live for that feeling, for the sweet, indescribable feeling of having the world/story that you created before you and be free to explore, to invent and recreate. It's like taking a dive only that this time it's not into the unknown but into the warm, crystal clear waters.

Want to take a dive with me? Here's where I left her (Meg it's her name) and now she isn't talking to me!

This is it!

"Everywhere I look I see nothing but red roses. The fence is gone but still there is no way out of this place, and my unstable feet cannot support me any longer. When I fall it’s not mud that covers my body but a hot, crimson liquid.


I wake up sweaty and it takes a moment to register that the sound of what I was dreaming about was not in my imagination.

Neither was the blood."


  1. Ooh, love the snippet. So dark!

    And sorry your MC is being so stubborn right now. I know what that's like far too well!

    1. Thanks, Heather! I will try to talk to her again soon. I cross my fingers! :)

  2. I've never gone back to rewrite a story, but maybe I haven't written enough to do so. I love the way you get lost in your story as you're trying to go to sleep. You're reinventing versions of people you know, and they're going to go on adventures you can only dream of.

    The Life of Little Me

    1. That's so true, M! It's funny but characters can surprise you almost just like people. Almost!;)

  3. Meg! She has to talk to you! I'm in the middle of rewrites too, but there is no diving. I lost sight of my character when I wrote the first draft and I took the sub story in the wrong direction. I like where the main story went, but this one part that's woven throughout is requiring some serious zapping.

    Your writing high is something to behold. It's a wonderful thing. Happy flying, Athina!

    1. Hey Robyn!She talked to me awhile and I think that she's fine now. Need to find time to keep writing.
      Losing the sight of your character is pretty hard, but think like this: what if the sub story is actually the story? What if you didn't take the wrong turn but the right one? Kill your darling, Robyn!And who knows. You may get away with murder! ;)

    2. Look at you, using your dark side to aid a stranded writer. I'm doing better. I have a plan now and it's working. Even if the story is twisted and tangled, having a plan just feels good. Plus fancy coffee, that helps too. I'm glad Meg talked to you. No character silent treatment allowed!