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Thursday, February 5, 2015

On Writing: The answer to the morning writing problem

I am not a morning person. If I could I would sleep until noon and then even some more. I would curl up in bed and cover myself under the sheets for as long as I could. But this is not an option not only because my mind is counting the tasks that wait to be done, but also because I have to go to work.

The thing though is that I am a morning writer.

Yep, contradictory, I know but true. 

In the morning inspiration runs in me like the blood in my veins. My hands long for the keyboard, my mind works in peculiar ways but I have to do a million other things other than writing. Well, it sucks.

Lately my writing was dragging. I wrote about half an hour around 8 in the afternoon if I was lucky enough to have some inspiration and I wasn't exactly happy about it. More like whining and angry. So I had to do something productive to get myself out of this misery of non-writing time.

So now, I write on the road to work. Well, it's not that I'm the crazy woman driving and writing at the same time, no. I'm not putting anyone in danger. I take the subway to work and that is where I'm doing my writing this week. Not the perfect place, but it is the perfect time for me so why to waste it?

I turn off my Kobo and open my notebook. I have forty minutes before I reach my destination and I need to make them count. If the notebook is not handy I use my phone. Not like that I haven't done this before.

You may wondering about the distractions in the subway and for a good reason. But this is nothing that can't be fixed with earplugs. Put some music on, take a seat if you're lucky enough and let your writer's mind travel you.

This morning I managed to write about 200 words and move the story forward. Well, I don't have figured out the rest of the chapter, but this was progress! Imagine doing it this every morning. This way you don't have to wait the day to pass by so you can write and you can take advantage of the time you waste on the road. Well, if you're a morning writer. But if you don't try it out once in a while. It is true that after a good sleep our mind is like a well-oiled machine. You can never know what surprises may come by writing while you are on the road.

Any other suggestions are welcomed!

Happy Thursday!


  1. Great job Athina. I'm not a morning person either so writing in the mornings won't work for me. Sadly I'm a night person and when I should be sleeping and resting up on my hours for work, my characters are nagging me to stay up and write.

    And yes I would love to write on my way home from work but I have nothing to make that work. But have you thought of getting the voice recognizer that will type up what you say? I've always wanted one because I'll get so much done! Sadly it'll back fire on me and won't help in my grammar. But it's and idea.

    1. Not even a notebook won't come handy?

      A voice recognizer, huh? Hmm, it would be definitely useful, but on the other hand I think it would feel a bit awkward to use in the subway. Imagine describing a crime scene or my MC's dark thoughts. People would walk away from me! lol
      Even if it would be fun, it's different to write it down. :)

      Thanks for stopping by, Ki!

  2. Glad you're able to squeeze in some writing time while on the subway! I agree, it's good to take advantage of spare moments like that, no matter where they are. Time is too fickle for us to even let a minute go to waste!

    1. Thanks, Heather, Yes, it's good. Even if it's not the perfect thing, it works and it makes me happy!:)

      Have a great week!