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Thursday, February 26, 2015

Before I Fall by Lauren Oliver

What if you lived again and again the same day? What if that day was the day of your death? What if you were a mean high school girl? What if this was the end?

Samantha Kingston dies but then wakes up at the day she died. Everything is the same, everything is sharp and stressful because she knows that tonight, she will be dead.

I liked the promise of this book, the ability to live the same day a number of times and see how things can change with the slightest change that you do. What if I was late? What if I was not? I always wondered what can be done differently each day and so the concept of this book was appealing to me. There is a mystery in living the same day over and over because you realize that it's never the same day.

It was really good to see Sam changing in a matter of days, turning from bad to good, from naughty to mean. And even if the books takes place in one day it was not dull. This story is well written and interesting, pointing out to us about the things we take for granted. Like breakfast at home, family and friends. It's true that we are superficial and self-centered and Lauren Oliver reminds us that nothing is given. It's a book worth reading for sure.

I expected the book to end like it did and it couldn't end any differently. There is a lesson to be learned even if it's too late. Right?

Here are a few quotes I loved:

"A good friend keeps your secrets. A best friend helps you keep your own secrets."
"It's weird how much you can know about someone without knowing everything."
"Maybe when you die time folds in on you, and you bounce around inside this little bubble forever."


  1. Living the same day over and over, I've watched movies with this premise, but never read a story along these lines. Have you seen The Butterfly Effect? I like Edge of Tomorrow the best because there's some humor. It is true that we are pretty self-absorbed creatures. Whenever I feel extra self-conscious I remind myself that no one is actually paying attention they're all thinking about themselves and I feel much better.

    Great review! I hope you have a great weekend, Athina!

    1. I love this kind of movies, Robyn and yeah, butterfly effect was awesome. The one with Ashton Kutcher though not the rest. I haven't watched the edge of tomorrow yet.

      You should read this book. I think you'll like it.
      Have a great weekend! :)