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Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Writing matters

A couple of days ago, I had a talk with a writer about his writing and what stuck in my mind was a simple question he asked during the conversation. Well, a rhetorical question followed by an awkward laugh. You know, the one that sends the words unspoken but yet, means so much more than any sentence.  

He was talking about the book he is writing and when he finished recounting the story, he said: “And what if I finish it?”

I felt bombs exploding inside my head. This short, innocent question can cause so much damage if you just fall for it. Why do you finish a story? This is not the attitude we want while writing. We want fireworks, balloons and clapping.

How can you leave your story unfinished? I’m hurting inside even in the thought of an unfinished story. Just write it! Write it the way it comes out of you, without rules and thinking. Write it pure, the way you like it. Leave the rest to the editing part. It will come and it will be painful but until then … just write. Put your hands on the keyboard and type. I can’t find a reason not to!

Write for the story, for the soul and for those who will get attached with the world you created. For those who will smile, or laugh or even judge you. Write for you and for the story that is waiting to be read.

I’ve written two novels and yet I don’t have published. This hasn’t stopped me though. I’m writing the third one and a new idea is slowly developing in the back of my mind. I want to write more, I want to share and it killing me that I still can’t because of editing. A good editing is crucial and it makes things hard for me, but this is not the point. The point is to write and then write some more. Never stop.

Experienced writers says it all the time. Write, write all day if you can. But you don’t need to hear it from someone. You know this is right. The more you write, the more you’ll smile, the more you’ll feel in control of the tangled words that come into your mind, the more you’ll know what fits and what it doesn’t.

Come on, shout it with me so anyone can hear it. Writing matters!


  1. Oh my gosh, I don't know about this one. The simple question is not so simple, I totally agree. But I have unfinished books all over the place. I wrote them into the ground and decided to step away. Not quit entirely. They are still with me. I think about what I can do with them, but either I haven't matured enough as a writer to do what I want or I haven't experienced life in a certain way that will push me in the right direction. Silly maybe. One story was dystopian and I freaking love the MC, but I threw everything at her and I couldn't stop! Another story was fantasy and I am no where near skilled enough. I remember Stephen King putting one of his stories on hold forever until he felt he was mature enough to write it. One thing I believe is if you write a story that you love, share it.

    Your discussion posts always have me imagining having coffee with you and arguing passionately back and forth our ideas, there will be laughter and "You're crazy" accusations. You'll let loose about what writing is. I'll fall into a Zen trip and say it's all good. We'll trade roles. So this one little post sent me on a trip to a cafe in France. Thanks, Athina!!

    1. Unfinished books. I really hurt inside, Robyn. But there is a difference. You say you're waiting the right moment, the experiences and the inspiration to continue them. So they are not really unfinished. They are on hold.

      But think about writing a story and then deciding it's not good enough and you just leave it be. Well, no. Every story needs to be finished, we need to finish it. Because we'll learn through that, we will evolve. That's what I believe.

      I had read the best quote ever. "I'm going to succeed, because I'm crazy enough to think I can." That's the attitude I praise. :) I'm that crazy!

      Oh, how great it would be to discuss over coffee with you, Robyn! I know it's not all good, but at this part of my life at least, I wanna see the brighter picture. And ... oh, how much
      I'd love to be in a cafe in France again! I need to find money to visit my sister again!:)