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Tuesday, February 4, 2014

The Shining

So, I read The Shining, by Stephen King. You know, the one like the movie, where Jack Nicholson gone mad in a huge hotel up to the mountains. There was blood and ghosts and too much screaming. Yes, I read it and my skin crawled, the house felt too quiet and the lights were always on.

Let’s say a few things. What do you say?

I wanted to read this book so much but I kept avoiding it. Since I had watched the movie, I knew it was a thriller and a physiological one. That’s what I’m afraid the most. I don’t care about blood and guts spilling on the floor, but I do care about the psychological stuff. Those can make me chill and, frankly, I chilled a lot during The Shining.

For those who don’t know what this book is about let me say a few things. When Jack Torrance loses his job, he has no other choice but to be the caretaker of the Overlook Hotel, an isolated place up to the mountains, and he takes his family with him.  But his son, Danny, is not happy with the move. Danny is a five year old boy who has the shining. Meaning that he can see and feel things that normal people don’t. And Danny knows that going to the Overlook is not a good choice. Somewhere, somehow there is an evil force in the hotel - and that too begins to shine…

I mean wow. I didn’t believe that a book could affect me this much, but that’s the success. That’s the thing that made Stephen King the amazing writer he is. I felt like I was there when little Danny walked those halls feeling that someone was watching him. I held my breath and almost closed my eyes as he saw the dead woman in the room 217. I felt Wendy’s worry and confusion about that terrible place and her husband’s transformation and most of all, I was scared by Jack Torrance’s behavior.

The book is written in multiple POV’s and so I get to feel every character and look into their minds. And it was scary. The descriptions made me feel like I was there with them and it wasn’t pretty. I mean it was an amazing thriller with all the meaning that this word holds. At least this is the way I felt it.

I totally recommend you this book. It’s a must read. So turn the lights on and dig in. Jack Torrance waits to make you scream! 


  1. Ha! I'm so glad The Shining took you for such an awesome ride. I wish I could read it, but I can't even watch the movie and I've seen plenty of scary movies. You are right about the psychological factor. Blood and guts can be set aside, but a can thriller can chill the blood! So are you still freaked? Have you ever stayed at a hotel similar to the one in the book? There's an episode of the show Psych that played off The Shining. That's as close as I'll ever get. Still, I can only imagine how reading King will affect your own storytelling. Thanks for sharing! I hope you're having a great week, Athina!

    1. No, I'm not still freaked. I'm happy I finally read this book. I was so curious. :)
      I haven't stayed at a hotel like the Overlook, but between us, Hotels are a little scary. With the quiet halls, the closed doors, my skin crawls a little.

      Well, at least you had a glimpse from that episode. But keep in mind that in movies, or series, is scarier than the book. Will you think about it now? hehe

    2. Funny girl. No way. You totally do not fool me. The book is way scarier. I can tell. From over here.