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Monday, November 25, 2013

Don’t give up

This is serious. I mean it. 

Don’t give up.

We just need to move on, to evolve.

If we believe in something, if it comes out of our soul, then we must stick to it, fight for it. I’m writing this post to remind you what you have forgotten. Where did the sparkle go? Where is the itching urge to write, or to work? When did the colors fade?

With NaNoWriMo, writing and some other stuff I’m doing lately, I have neglected my first book, Dazed. I was editing it, cutting stuff, adding some other, submitting chapters on CC, sending chapters to my wonderful Beta reader, I was excited. The last month though I have completely stopped. I have invested so much of my time in this project and I’ve nearly abandoned it. Well, this has to stop.

I’m getting mad in the idea that I won’t finish a book. In this case, editing a book. The truth is that the editing process started as a painful and hard task, but as I kept editing, reading peoples’ thoughts, opinions, suggestions, I realized how important and constructive the editing is. Even if I can’t do it all by myself, and if I shouldn’t do it, editing my novel is priceless. Not only because I make the story better, but I understand the language better and my writing is getting better. That’s the baby steps we need to do.

So I am wondering. When did I stop editing? Why did I stop submitting chapters? Well, yeah, a new project can be addictive, but there is always time. Even if it is twenty minutes per day. I will use my twenty minutes for editing because I know I’ll be flying when the editing ends.

Isn’t that worth it?

Have you give up on anything lately? Tell me about it. 


  1. There is something wonderful in editing that is different from the thrills of writing, a feeling of productivity and accomplishment, I think. Kind of like when you go nuts and clean your home top to bottom. (I don't go nuts like that often enough) Great post, Athina. I needed these words like you wouldn't believe. Happy flying!

    1. I agree, Robyn. There is something wonderful indeed. :) Have a beautiful day.

  2. It can sometimes be difficult to focus on more than one project at a time, so I'm not surprised that editing accidentally fell to the wayside for you. I like your plan to spend twenty minutes each day on Dazed--every little bit counts, after all! Good luck! *\o/*

    1. Yes, I am swamped right now, but it's kind of fun.
      My twenty minutes worked, by the way. I managed to edit two chapters. :)
      Thanks for stopping by.

  3. I don't remember where I read this this week but I think it's true : Writing is putting words on paper, editing is making sure those words are not sucking. Very sorry I can't credit this quote, because I think it's really great.

    I hope you'll get it all done :)

    Lexxie @ (un)Conventional Bookviews

    1. Those are wonderful words and so true. If only editing wasn't so painful at times.

      I will party all day the day I'll finish editing Dazed. :)