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Sunday, December 2, 2012

What is happening when you finally finish your novel?

Well, new month arrived and I wish this will be the month I will finish my second novel! But there starts the real thing. So what is happening when you finally finish your novel? Here is my reality which you may find it helpful.

I have written almost two novels and yet I hadn’t the chance to publish one (self-publish). Well, I did publish my short story titled THE ANGEL OF CHRISTMAS and I am happy about that. To my point, when I finished my first which is an adventure/crime novel, I was so excited to publish it, and I still am, but there are things that must be done. Here is what I did and what I recommend you too.

·         First, read it again and cut out pages and reshape it.
·         Then, read it again watching plot errors and misspellings.
·         After that, I personally tried to do some editing but because it isn’t right to do it yourself, I gave it to someone I trust and I knew that her job would be amazing. Of course at this point and if the money is not an issue, you can hire a professional editor which is the best thing to do. But then again, if money is an issue you settle with something else but as good as you can.

And here is where the biggest waiting in life starts for me. Of course the person who agreed to do the editing has many others things to do and so the process is moving slowly killing me inch by inch every day but I have to be patient and thankful. And I am.

Now, when I will get on my hands the manuscript again I am going to do another round of some things.

·         I will read it so I will be able to see what the changes are.
·         I will change the things that I don’t like and I will give those parts to the same person for editing again.
·         Then it is good to have some persons to read it and tell you their thoughts, so I will do that too.
·         And then I will be able to publish it!

This is a very long process especially for me that I am self-publishing and I don’t know how those things works exactly, but I am doing my best. I wish I could snap my fingers and my book was ready and published but this is reality and doing it all alone is a bit harder. So I now understand better some articles I was reading before I started writing the first novel. Every single one said that: When you are writing a novel you must know that: IT’S NOT GOING TO END SOON. And believe me…the “soon” you have in mind is a lot longer than the real one.

I hope this was interesting.


  1. Congratulations A on publishing your short story and breaking into the published world. I am sure that was exciting and frightening all at once.

    I hope your second novel goes smoothly for you, even if you do need to wait for editing. It's a great investment to make, of money and/or time. Readers appreciate it! :)

    All the best!


  2. Thank you Lily. It was and still is a little frightening procedure but at the same time I feel complete. I have a lot to do yet and I am anxious for my novel which is something completely different. I just hope it will be something people will like to read. The same for my short story which I love.
    Thanks for your comment. :)

  3. Thanks for writing books reviews i likes your writing reviews.

    1. Thanks, except for my reviews here at the end of the page, you can read many more on Goodreads. Here is the link for my profile.

  4. Nice thoughts on this issue, Athina. I've written four novels now, and though I'm not thinking of publishing the first one soon, it's my YA Fantasy trilogy that I'm really looking for to publish.

    You're right about, 'IT'S NOT GOING TO END SOON' I used to think that writing the first draft is tedious, but until I started editing my work, I realized the rewriting stage is more tedious. Sometimes I find myself wishing that I have the superpowers my characters have, so I could finish the edit in a day...

    ...but that's just a lazy man's wish. :)

    Great post!

    1. You are right. Editing is a lot harder and it never ends!!! I am on draft 4 now for my book DAZED and I plan to make two more. One in order to change the first chapters and polishing the rest and one to edit again! I don't do editing and writing together. (And I just got the idea for tomorrow's post.:) )
      Is there a post on your blog about your trilogy? I'd like to read a blurb or something. :) If there is can you send me the link?
      Thanks a lot.

    2. You're welcome! No. I haven't done that yet. I'm currently editing the first book and I want to be done with the edits before I post on my blog about it. I'm also planning to have a professional editor work on it. I met a good editor online and she advised to have at least 2 or 3 beta readers go through it before I send it for professional editing.

      I've tried writing a blurb for the first book, but it's not clicking yet. I could send you the first chapter if you want. Thanks:)

    3. A professional editor is the best if the money is not an issue. I gave DAZED to a friend for editing and then another one will edit it again. I'd like to read the first chapter if you want to send it to me. :)

  5. Okay. That's nice if you trust that they can better your book and do a good edit for you.

    I'm actually saving for the professional editing. I'll send the first chapter tomorrow. I'll have to send it to your email address. You could inbox me the address on my Twitter. Do you prefer attachment or should I send it in the body of the email? Thank you!