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Thursday, November 29, 2012

Movies based on books...hmmm...

Yesterday I went to the movies for the Breaking Dawn part 2 and some thoughts came to mind about movies and series based on books.

Well, first of all I must say that I love Twilight saga and I was too excited to see the movies. After all I started reading it after I had seen the first movie and I had adored it. Now, some years after, I have read many books and I have seen the movies or the series that people have make based on books and an opinion has formed into my brain.

I love movies and I love books too but there is a difference that gives winning lead to the books. When I am reading, everything changes. A warm feeling consumes me as I create the images and a new world is created from the words that fill the pages. I make my own characters from the author’s descriptions and I make something personal out of a publically distributed book. That’s an amazing thing to happen and a movie can’t provide it. Don’t let me start about the changes that a movie has in the story. I understand that it is reasonable to change some things and there are some that they can’t put in the movie, but the details make the difference! I hate it when a movie leaves out even the tiniest thing and I want to yell “No, this didn’t happen like this!” or “Just let the book tell the story.” It just pisses me off.

If though I want to be fair and I must admit that movies have their own magic as it is nice to see something taking substance before your eyes, but…for me it isn’t so real or outstanding like a book. I believe that books will always be greater than movies. With a movie you can spend a nice evening, with a book you can live a second life. 

PS I hate when they change the cover of the book only to match with the movie!!AAA


  1. I agree. Books depend upon your active imagination. Most movies supply the imagination, to make you passive.

  2. Yes, that's true. Thanks for your comment. :)