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Sunday, November 25, 2012

Small Chapters-My choice.

Yes, it is official. I prefer small chapters in books. And by small I mean up to ten pages. As much as I like a book I have to admit that when a chapter is too big I kind of get tired sometimes.

In smaller chapters I get a feeling of integration as it is clearer to follow the events and my curiosity, anxiety, wonder are increasing so I want to read the next one and the next after that. As a result I caught myself flipping the pages and reading the chapters more eager than reading only one. I don’t know if you understand me so let me explain.

When I read a bigger chapter the story goes on and on and I wait for it to cut, in order to make my curiosity increase, to leave me wanting for more but it keep going and as much I like it I would prefer to read it in smaller pieces. Like Dan Brown’s books. I love that he divides his books in such small chapters and I believe it is easier to read and…it just works for me.

I do this in my own novels too. I try to keep the chapters small so it will hold the suspense but in the same time the story will continue. Of course this is not the way I choose a novel but if the chapters are small is a plus for the book I am reading. I’d love to learn how you feel about that so if you want you can leave a comment. 

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