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Sunday, December 9, 2012

Write with your soul

Writing a novel, as I've said before, is going to take a lot of time! Whatever you do, whether you know how your story will go or not, it will need TIME. So, my advice as a young writer is not to rush it. Believe me, I want my books out there, available for everyone to read, but this isn’t how it works. And after all, the journey worth more than the destination. So, sit comfortable and enjoy each journey because it's unique and despite how long it may takes you'll remember it like it happened in a blink of an eye.

Once you start writing, nothing is given. You may believe that you’ve got it all planned but the surprises will keep coming. There weren’t few the times I went to sleep thinking how the next chapter will be and when I was waking up, a totally new chapter had formed for me to write. I see my novels like separate entities, like living things that form their own destiny and frankly, many times they do. It happens to write and the story magically takes another turn than the one I wanted and I just follow it.

The same happens when I am stuck. I don’t like to press things. It’s like when you scold the dog because he pooped on the carpet and by yelling at him all you manage is just to do it again. I don’t want my novel to be filled with poops as much as I don’t want my carpet to be. So, when I am not in the mood, or when I have to press myself in order to write…I just don’t. I do other things and I just take the time I need to continue the story. This has worked very well for me because every time I write something better than the one I would have wrote if I was fighting to put words on my manuscript.

I believe that knowing where to stop and where to insist is crucial. You need to be relaxed and let your imagination travels you to places you’d never knew they existed. If it doesn’t come to you one day…just leave it. If you head is ready to explode and everything is terribly wrong and you hate it…just leave it. The next day when you will be relaxed and calm it will come to you ready and perfect and that is the moment you must grab it by the hair and not let go. Write with your soul and not your mind and that will be your best writing. 

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